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Jocelyn Houben



My Story

    After playing basketball in college, I moved to beautiful Oro Medonte with my husband. Following a couple years working in non-fulfilling jobs I was recruited by a friend to work at a Montessori School in Barrie. A few weeks into my role as Classroom Assistant, I knew I had found my calling. Being around the children was uplifting and refreshing; I quickly decided to get my Montessori Certification to become a Head Teacher. Through my mentors, education and classroom experience, I learned the responsibility and privilege of being an educator and care giver for children. The Montessori philosophy speaks to me – truly believe that each child is capable, and that we as adults, are here to carefully enhance and educate intrinsically through the child herself. 

    After my beloved school closed permenantly, I accepted a position as an IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) Instructor Therapist for York Central Hospital (Behavioural Science – Autism Program). Here I spent three years studying and practicing behavioural science. I gained invaluable skills to identify, isolate and target wanted and unwanted behaviours. Through training, and both clinical and classroom experience, I learned how every single factor in a person’s environment influences his/her development. We as caregivers have a lot of power to shape who children become – the messages we send and lessons we teach last a lifetime – if only everyone took this seriously and to heart. By being aware, purposeful and strategic, we have the capability and responsibility to bring out a child’s best self.

     Now here is my favourite part… I became a mother. My first daughter was born in 2008. Here I learned the true definition of love and responsibility. My second daughter was born in 2013. I thought all my previous professional experience had taught me just about everything I needed to know about children – I was wrong! Until you are a parent yourself, you can’t possibly understand the emotions; the ups and downs, the sleep deprivation!! Luckily, my husband and my parenting philosophies lined up and we have remained a united team – what an important piece of the puzzle!

From 2009 to 2020 I worked at a private child care Centre in Barrie. I was able to bring my daughters with me and enjoyed working in both the JK/SK and PreSchool classrooms.

For the past 18 years I have been learning, analyzing and applying all my experience and knowledge both at home and in professional environments. All this combined has armed me with not only the capability to apply strategies to my own life but the ability to implement them into other’s lives as well.

 I know I can help people and am determined to do so.


Qualifications and Achievements
  • IBI (Intensive Bahavioural Intervention) Training Certification
  • NAMC Montessori Diploma
  • Instructor Therapist in Intensive Behavioural Intervention for York Central Hospital.
  • NAMC Trained Head Montessori Teacher.
  • Program Manager and Educator for 10+years at Springwater Child Care Centre.
  • Two year Certificate in Fitness and Health – Fanshawe College.
  • St. John’s Ambulance – Standard First Aid – CPR C – AED Blended
  • How Does Learning Happen? – Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years
  • Zones of Regulation – Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
  • Special Link Inclusion Course – SWCCC
  • ECERS – County of Simcoe
  • Raising the Bar – Platinum Level – Simcoe County
  • Jolly Phonics – Workshop
  • Visual Supports – Kerry’s Place Autism Services
  • P.E.C.S
  • When Children Pretend – Workshop – Simcoe County
  • WHMIS – Canadian Red Cross

Personal Achievements

  • Happy and proud wife and mother of two beautiful girls.
  • All Canadian Athelete – Basketball – Fanshawe College.
  • Canadian Pro – Beach Volleyball – Women’s Tour

My Mission

To listen to each family’s individual needs and help guide them into a happy and fulfilling future. I hope to positively  impact each family and provide the necessary tools for them to build their best nest.

Children are the most precious gift and the single most important thing in a parent’s life. I believe in making the most of the time we have and consciously investing in our relationships with them.

After listening to so many parents struggle over the years, I feel compelled to put my skills to good use and do whatever I can to help families thrive.

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